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Ajo aperitivo en aceite de oliva

Garlic Appetizer in olive oil


People who left notable architectural works to humanity, like Romans or Egyptians had garlic to face up to the physical efforts that constructions such as pyramids and theatres required.

Monarchs and plebeians have always worried about health, so that is why French nobles used to take garlic to have vitality in their conquests of women.

People also attributed the courage of fighting cocks to the eating of this appreciated food. And, they gave baptism to their children rubbing a clove on their tongue.


The Garlic Appetizer is a natural product containing the benefits and advances of recent times, maintaining its virtues and removing its disadvantages:

  • They are note spicy
  • They do not leave a bad taste in your mouth
  • They do not leave an aftertaste
  • They are note bad for your digestion

As well as, the Garlic Appetizer keeps the natural qualities of garlic:

  • anti-rheumatic
  • Antiseptic
  • Vasodilator
  • Laxative and Diuretic
  • Expectorant and Balsamic
  • Antibiotic and Bactericidal

The Garlic Appetizer also has the best qualities of the extra virgin olive oil, basis of our Mediterranean diet. So, it is the best product we can choose to improve our quality of life and life expectancy.